The Girl

Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Some things that bring me joy, in no particular order:

Chocolate cake. Michael Bublé. Harry Potter. Spontaneous dance parties. The Oxford comma. Prayer. Evening walks. Morning tea. Stacks of books. Long Sundays with nowhere to be. A view of the Rocky Mountains. Potlucks with good friends. Phone calls to my family members. Deep, lingering conversation. Flickering candles and cozy sweaters. Car karaoke. Mermaid blankets.

And, of course, writing.

As I’ve been defining a niche over the course of blogging and building a freelance business, I’ve persistently wondered where I “fit” in the scheme of the world’s voices. Mostly I just seem to write whatever pops into my head, whatever jabs at the walls of my heart until I have no choice but to let it out. Sometimes they’re life lessons. Sometimes they’re narratives. Is there a niche for such non-specific content?

Maybe not a niche, but a mission.

A mission to capture the human experience by seeking and sharing what’s beautiful.

I know, it still sounds vague. But that’s because what’s beautiful takes so, so many forms.

What’s beautiful in others. A smile. A song. A heart-to-heart shared over cups of cocoa or tea. Drive and dedication. Wisdom. Joy. The twinkle in an octogenarian’s eyes when he relives his naval days. The sheer delight of a bright-eyed child in her role as “napkin” in Beauty and the Beast on ice. Random acts of kindness and generosity. And lovely souls everywhere.

What’s beautiful in the world. Those hard-won life lessons I share because God is a gentle teacher who uses all number of ordinary circumstances to instruct His willing pupils. Truth and goodness and awe. Epiphanies that change how I see things. The dazzling National Park destinations I write about for one of my freelance clients.

What’s beautiful in myself. Not so much coming-of-age stories as coming-to-terms stories – coming to terms with who I am and who I aspire to become, through eyes that are full of self-compassion and forgiveness and wonder.

If you have a beautiful story to tell (and you do, trust me), whether it’s for your business, or lifestyle website/magazine, I want to help you tell it. Click here to learn more about the services I offer; I look forward to hearing from you!

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