Review: Hashtag Catholic Chic Subscription Box!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Some weeks are rough. Others begin with waking up to find a fabulous new faith-based subscription box waiting outside your front door, and they're utterly magical (This has been one of second kind, thanks to #CatholicChic).

I was so delighted to stumble across #CatholicChic on Instagram at the end of October, because while there are plenty of great Christian products on the market these days, it seems there are fewer resources available specifically for Catholic women. And as a faith that uniquely grounds itself in the senses and the material as a way of pointing ourselves to the Divine, whether it's via the rosaries we hold or the incense we breathe, Catholicism is well-suited to a subscription box filled with goodies to help us focus our minds, bodies, and souls on the Lord... Enter #CatholicChic.

So without further ado, let's begin the reveal and detailed product review, shall we? In December's box, I found...

1. Catholic Coloring Cards

Adult coloring books have boomed in popularity in recent years because the meditative act of honing in on detailed patterns distracts us from our daily worries and woes. Pair that meditation with cards that turn my attention to God and these little gems become stress-relieving prayers... so great!

2. Our Lady of the Lily Soap

A sweet-smelling exfoliant to make my showers more heavenly? Yes, please! I have a slight obsession with bath products that smell nice (as the stores of Lush bath bombs under my sink can attest), and I'm thrilled to be adding this to my daily beauty ritual. Also pictured: #CatholicChic's very own lip balm, made from beeswax and vitamin E with a strawberry mint flavor for some extra punch!

3. Stretch Rosary Ring

It's slightly too large for my finger so I decided to adorn my key ring with it instead. :) Now every time I take out my keys I'll be prompted to pray a decade -- what a great way to keep God at the forefront of my mind while I'm out and about. It's so easy to forget His presence in the hustle and bustle and struggle of the everyday, but that's when we most need to remember Him. A tangible devotional accessory like this one will definitely help me do so!

4. Christmas Ornaments

The Fulton Sheen quote accompanying these beauties read, "The Catholic faith is like a lion in a cage. You don't need to defend it -- you simply need to open the cage door." I get so anxious about defending my faith sometimes, because there are innumerable mysteries I don't completely comprehend, and countless teachings I'm still learning the theology behind. But these ornaments remind me that maybe I don't have to have all the answers. Maybe I just need to be fearlessly faithful and totally trusting.  #CatholicChic strives to "ignite [women's] Catholic faith on a continuous basis," and these ornaments definitely embolden me.  

5. Paper Prayers

#CatholicChic is more than just a box full of faith-filled surprises that arrives at your doorstep every month; it's a vibrant community of women who dream, hope, and pray together. Each subscription box contains one of these paper prayers sent in by another woman in the community, and there is something indescribably beautiful about the simultaneously anonymous and personal nature of these earnest and vulnerable prayer requests. I will never know who is praying for this, and she will probably never know that I am praying for her, but God will take this prayer and make something lovely from it.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you just need Catholic swag that's a bit... well... chic! With its blend of handpicked items for the mind, body, and soul, #CatholicChic brings the Catholic faith to life in a fun and fresh new way, and offers us as Catholic women the opportunity to represent the faith in the ordinary moments of our lives.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this!

To learn more and order a subscription for yourself or a friend, visit the #CatholicChic website here.

**I was given a free box in exchange for an honest review. **


  1. Awesome review!! I love that you got a chance (or should I say gave yourself the chance) to color one of the coloring cards! Merry Christmas :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! I loved the coloring cards -- they contribute quite nicely to my growing collection of coloring books, but they're even better because they're faith-inspired! Merry Christmas to you, too. :)

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